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Increase Productivity: Declutter Your Office & Use Mood-Boosting Scents

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Have you ever thought about the many ways productivity can be stifled? As a business owner, it is important to do what you can to keep your employees happy and comfortable, such as keeping your office clean and clutter-free. The following will show you how clutter can affect your business, along with a scent-fabulous tip to help increase productivity. 

Clutter and Your Business

The first thing you should think about is how distracting clutter can be to you and your employees. Believe it or not, experts believe that clutter overworks your brain to the point that it might work against productivity. Clutter also affects your employees in other ways, like making them feel as if their work will never get done. 

Make sure you talk to a cleaning service specialist about what can be done to better declutter your office. You may need to re-organize some files or cabinets, or you may need a few more trashcans around the office to help with trash elimination. A company like Springs Cleaning can give you more help.

You can also consider the following tip to help increase productivity.

Mood-Boosting Solution Might Activate Productivity

You might find this a little strange, but the truth is there are certain scents that help lower blood pressure and encourage productivity by clearing the mind. And you can have those scents radiating around your office. These can be easily added to cleaning solutions. If you hire a cleaning service specialist, they may already have this option available to you. 

You should consider adding the following scents to your cleaning solutions, depending on what you feel you and your employees need:


For energy, you should concentrate on citrus smells, like orange, grapefruit, or lemon. Rosemary and cinnamon are also scents to consider. You might also want to use some scents from the mint family, like peppermint.

Stress Reducers

If your employees work in a fast-paced environment, this can be stressful at times. To help relieve stress, you should concentrate on smells that are pleasing, like vanilla, jasmine, lavender, Clary sage, or ylang ylang.

Happiness Inducers

If you want to help your employees feel a little happier; then you should consider mint, basil oil, or bergamot. Be sure to pay extra attention to your employees' happiness, because a study showed that a happy employee will be 12 percent more productive.

Talk to a cleaning service specialist about other ways you can incorporate these scents around your office, like using air fresheners. But, as you can see, decluttering your office and using mood boosters in your cleaning solution just might be helpful.