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Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Document-Shredding Organization

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In today's business world, you can't afford to let the risk of fraud compromise your business. Having your work documents securely shredded by a professional organization can ensure that your business records, bank account information and clients' personal data don't fall into the wrong hands. When you're looking to hire a company to handle this task, you'll likely ask about its rates and how frequently it can pick up your documents, and you might also ask about how it's been in business. Here are three additional questions that you should ask before you hire an organization to securely shred your business documents.

Beyond Paper, What Products Can You Securely Shred?

Although the majority of what you need shredded will likely be on paper, it's important to see how the company you're considering hiring can handle the destruction of other sensitive information for you. Many services use high-powered shredders that can also handle plastic and metal products such as CDs, DVDs and even computer hard drives. Selecting a company that has the versatility to handle these varied products is advantageous, given that you shouldn't simply throw out discs and hard drives that contain sensitive information.

How Do You Suggest I Handle Sensitive Data Before You Can Pick It Up?

If you have a large business, you might be looking for a company that can visit your office regularly -- perhaps once per week -- to pick up your material that needs to be shredded. Given that you'll accumulate sensitive data throughout the week, asking the company about how you should handle this information is advantageous. Many professional organizations offer a helping hand by giving you secure bins to place in your office. These bins don't shred your material, but simply store it and hold it safely until the shredding truck arrives -- and only you will have the key. This bin system is an ideal perk, and finding out whether the company offers it can help you decide which organization to hire.

What Happens To My Shredded Paper After You're Done?

Many shredding firms take an environmentally conscious approach and partner with paper recycling companies. When the documents are shredded, they're often transported to a recycling facility where they production can begin the process of turning them into other paper products. If you're the type of person who wants to minimize your business' environmental footprint, partnering with a shredding company that takes this approach can give you peace of mind.