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Recent Flood? 3 Hidden Dangers That May Be Present In Your Home Right Now

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There has been a recent surge in floods in the United States, which has left many families picking up the pieces. Once flooded, homes pose several dangers and are usually uninhabitable until they are cleaned, abated and repaired properly. Even if your home only flooded with a couple of inches of water, it's not advisable to continue living in it until you have gotten all the necessary repairs and inspections. Following are just a few dangerous, and sometimes deadly, things that may be lurking in your home if it sustained water damage. 

Black Mold

Dangerous black mold is commonly found in homes that have flooded. Certain illnesses, such as allergies, asthma and respiratory infections have been linked to mold. Some people have even reported becoming seriously ill -- sick enough to be hospitalized -- after mold exposure. Unfortunately, cleaning mold can make it more dangerous if it isn't done properly. It can easily be transferred from one surface to another and may become airborne if disturbed. For these reasons, you have to have a professional abatement team inspect your home and clean it up. 

Dangerous Bacteria

Flood water contains all sorts of nasty stuff, such as raw sewage and dangerous chemicals. The bacteria and toxins associated with contaminants can get inside your home and take up residence on carpeting, mattresses, furniture and other soft surfaces. Bacteria can also hide in vents and enter the air when you run your furnace. For this reason, the CDC recommends getting rid of all items that can't be disinfected. If you don't, you won't know for certain that your home is absolutely clean. 

Electrical Issues

Virtually every electrical component in your home is vulnerable to water. If these components are submerged, they have to be repaired or replaced. Vulnerable components include your HVAC system, lights, circuit boards, outlets, fans, fuse boxes, pumps, etc. Your wiring and grounding system may also be damaged. You see, your electrical wiring is grounded so that electrical current is transported safely to the ground if something were to go wrong. If you don't have all of these components inspected, your family could be at risk for electrocution and your home may catch fire. 

Flood water causes damages a home in many ways, some of which you can't see. To make sure your home is completely safe after a flood, be sure to have all of your systems checked out and inspected by professionals. Also, have a flood cleanup crew take care of the mess. 

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