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Exceptional Environmental Consultants

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With growing concerns for the changing global environment, there is a great need for exceptionally qualified environmental consultants. These consultants provide expert technical advice on a broad range of subjects. Some current areas of expertise for environmental consultants includes:  air pollution, water quality management, soil quality and site remediation, hazardous waste, natural resources management, and legal compliance with environmental rules and regulations. 

Types of Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants may have expertise in a wide range of disciplines or they can specialize in a particular area of environmental issues. Environmental consulting companies employ all  types of consultants in order to be of service to a wide variety of different clients in different locations. Environmental consultants may specialize in some of the following areas:

  • Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation - An environmental consultant determines the hazardous waste present on a site and devises a remediation plan to neutralize the waste and return the site to a clean and healthy state.
  • Energy Management - An environmental consultant studies a site and suggests new renewable energy technologies that can benefit that particular location.
  • Compliance Assessment - An environmental consultant assesses a site to make sure they are in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations. 
  • Risk Assessment - An environmental consultant investigates a site for specific, potential risks such as radon, asbestos, hazardous waste chemicals and wastewater and formulates a plan to monitor the site and reduce the risks of contamination before it occurs. 

Skills and Expertise of Environmental Consultants

An environmental consultant conducts site-based research and assessments and communicates the resulting data to their clients, independent contractors and regulatory agencies. Some of the skills and expertise necessary to be a great environmental consultant include the following: 

  • Proper Collection of Data - In order to properly collect environmental data, cleanliness and isolation is imperative. Gloves must be worn when collecting air, water and soil samples to avoid cross contamination between samples. Sterilized containers must be used to hold the collected samples in order to safely transport them to a qualified laboratory for analysis. All samples must be thoroughly documented for precise location and collection methods. 
  • Perceptive Interpretation of Data - An environmental consultant must know the standard components of the local air, water and soil in order to compare them with the samples collected on a particular site. The environmental consultant then interprets the sample data for abnormalities.   
  • Formal Presentation Skills - An environmental consultant must have the ability to draft proposals and final reports in order to formally communicate a technical analysis of the data collected. This includes a thorough knowledge of information technology such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software.

A great environmental consultant puts his clients' interests and concerns first. Additionally, a great environmental consultant has the knowledge of current global environmental problems as well as the vision to predict what will develop in the future. With a thorough understanding of current laws and regulations, and a willingness to work tirelessly on growing and changing environmental issues, qualified environmental consultants will always be in demand. 

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