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Eliminating Scrap Metal From Your Town Will Help The Environment And Put Cash In Your Pockets

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Organize a joint effort to clean up your town and remove scrap metal with the following ideas. As a result, the environment will be cleaner and you can raise some extra cash after you take the metal to a center that pays for items that can be recycled. 

Request Donations And Pick Them Up

Call a recycling center to find out which metal items are in demand. Create flyers that inform people about the metal items that you are searching for and offer to pick them up from homes and businesses that are nearby. Display your name and phone number on each flyer so that interested citizens can contact you. Hang the flyers up in grocery stores and other local businesses. Rent a large vehicle or tow a flat bed behind your car or truck so that you can easily haul the items away and bring them directly to the recycling center.

Set Up A Picnic/Drop Off Spot

Encourage people to drop off items by organizing an outdoor picnic in an area that provides plenty of space to place metal items. A local church or park are two places that will make an ideal location to hold the event. Prepare simple food items, such as grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Arrange folding chairs and tables on the property so people can sit down while they are enjoying the food.

Set up bins near the tables so that people can place the items inside of them when they arrive. Load the items up in your vehicle and drop them off after the event is over.

Clean Up One Street At A Time

Ask friends and family members if they would like to help you beautify the town by collecting trash and scrap metal that is alongside each road. Select one street on the furthest end of town and meet everyone who is participating at a designated time. Provide trash bags to each person and encourage them to separate metal items from other trash so that you can easily dispose of the items that were collected after you are finished.

Accept offers from others if they are willing to help you transport the items to a trash facility and a recycling center. People in your town will appreciate your hard work and may even become interested in helping to keep the town clean on a regular basis.

After you have dropped off all of the metal items at a recycling center, use the cash that you have raised to treat yourself to an enjoyable time.