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5 Tips For Recycling Your Household Items

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If you're someone who is just starting to regularly recycle at home, you may be making some mistakes without even knowing it. Use the following tips to ensure that you are doing the right things when you recycle things from your home.

Don't Put Recyclables in Plastic Bags

You may be using plastic trash bags for your household garbage, but avoid using them for your recyclable items. If you do, time will be taken at the recycling service center taking everything out of those bags. While some plastic is recyclable, it has to be processed differently than other items and must be kept separate.

Instead of using plastic bags, put household recyclables in paper bags and marked recycling containers.

Only Recycle Certain Glass

You may think that you can recycle all the glass you have in your house. However, that is not the case. Ceramic cookware, for instance, is finished with certain chemicals that make those items unsuitable for recycling. Light bulbs, mirrors, china and porcelain are more examples of glass items that might not able to be recycled at your local recycling center. Be sure to contact the center if you aren't sure about the glass you have.

Avoid Recycling Shredded Paper

It's important that you don't toss shredded paper in with your other paper items to be recycled. The reason for this is that the tiny pieces of paper might slip into cracks in the sorting machines at the recycling service center, ending up with other items instead of paper. You may be able to set aside shredded paper and drop it off separately, so be sure to call and ask.

Don't Recycle Cardboard that is Soiled

Cardboard items can be recycled, but think twice before trying to recycle food containers or pizza boxes if they are covered in grease or oil. These substances can make other cardboard dirty and might affect sorting equipment at the center.

If you want to recycle cardboard, make sure you only use cardboard that is clean. For instance, you can recycle the top of a pizza box, even if you have to dispose of the bottom of the box.

Empty Cans and Bottles

It is vital that you empty cans and bottles before sending them off to the recycling center. Not only can liquids cause a mess, but also juice, soda and other beverages can become sticky, which may cause problems as items are stacked. Rinse all your bottles and cans with water and ensure they are dry before recycling them.

Use the tips above to help you better recycle your household items. If you have any questions about what else you can do, get in touch with a local recycling service center.